Air Conditioning for Lab Spaces demands a different approach as the system design and execution quality are critical to the project’s success. At Pavani, we recognize the critical role HVAC plays in maintaining optimal conditions for sensitive experiments, research activities, and production processes.

Our expertise comes from the lessons we have learned working closely hand in hand with International pharmaceutical clients like Novartis, Syngene and Aragen etc. for over 20+ years. We understand that precise conditions are only one among the many challenges for any HVAC Solution providers like us. We are up to date with international standards of design for Lab Air conditioning and Ventilation, such as ASHRAE and the Local Body ISHRAE, which enable us to speak in the client’s language. 

Lab spaces are an umbrella term that encompasses a wide range of Laboratories, Production Facilities for API & Semiconductor and Clean rooms- both GMP and Non GMP. Our solutions prioritize contamination control, airflow management, and temperature stability to safeguard the integrity of pharmaceutical products and working personnel catering to the unique requirements of each of these spaces.

We’ve a dedicated Documentation team who are integral part of the GMP and Cleanroom project right from the start to the handing over which shows our unwavering commitment to surpassing USFDA and other regulatory expectations. We provide our clients with…


Clients partnering with us benefit from a collaborative approach, where our experienced team works closely to customize HVAC solutions that align with project-specific needs and comply with all national and international standards. This collaboration guarantees seamless functionality, adherence to industry best practices, and a robust foundation for success in pharmaceutical and laboratory environments.

Taking the exclusive dealership of Voltas mid-range products, Pavani Engineers started off by providing ductable project execution.
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Delivering industrial air conditioning installation services requires a methodical and skilled approach to ensure the efficient implementation of cooling systems customized for expansive industrial facilities. We make it easy with our expert and experienced team.

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