Air Conditioning Solutions

Providing Air conditioning systems to different applications is both an Art and Science. At Pavani Engineers, we have the expertise of the scientific principles of Air conditioning and Refrigeration systems. Our engineers are passionate to make sure the Art of providing air conditioning systems for each application is precise and delightful.

We understand the requirements and design for providing AC systems for Hospitals is very different from Malls, Lab spaces, Offices, Restaurants, Theatres and many more applications. Each Application is different, each solution must be UNIQUE to make sure the users are comfortable with the right Indoor Air Quality, built in controls, Alert systems and energy efficient systems, aesthetically designed to merge with the surroundings.

Pavani Engineers has been providing Air conditioning Solutions for Comfort, Industrial, Health Care, Theatres, Lab Spaces, Industrial and many other unique requirements of the customers. We also have experience in working with VRF Systems, DX Systems, Chilled Water Systems, Precision AC Systems, Clean Room, Multi Stage Evaporative Cooling Systems, Packaged AC Systems, Ventilation Systems, Staircase Pressurization, Lift Pressurization, Treated Fresh Air Units.