Industrial Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems provide necessary air changes for the system to be under positive pressure maintain basic comfort and at times remove excess heat from the equipment.

Pavani Engineers provided solutions to large multi-national organizations, for their bottling plants, industrial two stage evaporation cooling systems to maintain the desired indoor conditions for their plants. We have also provided ventilation solutions for pump houses at lift irrigation projects where large capacity pump sets are placed in a complex housing.

We have provided basement ventilation solutions for car parks lift pressurization, staircase pressurization, laboratories ventilation to name a few. We have expertise in designing ventilation systems for tunnels, large boiler rooms etc.

Taking the exclusive dealership of Voltas mid-range products, Pavani Engineers started off by providing ductable project execution.
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Delivering industrial air conditioning installation services requires a methodical and skilled approach to ensure the efficient implementation of cooling systems customized for expansive industrial facilities. We make it easy with our expert and experienced team.

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