Air conditioning for commercial buildings is not as simple as it appears. Airconditioning of a commercial building involves keeping comfort conditions (Temperature, Humidity and Air flow control) with proper indoor air quality. There are many challenges in designing, selecting and installing the right system involves balancing of both the capex and operating cost.  

We at Pavani Engineers have expertise in designing a very robust, cost-effective solution for the given needs. We offer the flexibility to the customer to decide the best solution for the given requirements.  

We consider the following while designing the systems: 

  1. Year-round air-conditioning system for best comfort 
  2. Energy efficient equipment, automated systems for energy conservation 
  3. Cost effective operation and maintenance 
  4. Higher return on investments 
  5. Each application is different 

We have specialized in providing air conditioning to Auditoriums, Showrooms, Theatres, Super Market/Hyper Markets, Restaurants, Hotels, IT/ITES offices, Malls and many other different applications. We are proud to know that we have more than 60% of projects from repeat customers. 

Taking the exclusive dealership of Voltas mid-range products, Pavani Engineers started off by providing ductable project execution.
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Delivering industrial air conditioning installation services requires a methodical and skilled approach to ensure the efficient implementation of cooling systems customized for expansive industrial facilities. We make it easy with our expert and experienced team.

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