Health Care Services

Health Care Industry is Unique, and it needs exceptional care for providing Indoor Air Quality. The patients, doctors, staff, and the visitors’ health are critical in any health care facility.

Deep insights into the process are necessary. At Pavani Engineers, our engineers are aware of these specific and special requirements. 

Our designs incorporate, necessary Indoor Air Quality and multiple Air filtration stages, High precision in Humidity and Temperature Control. Automated Environment control systems are built into the system as per clients’ specifications. We strongly recommend and follow NABH Norms and adherence to ISHRAE & ASHRAE standards.

Safety, Quality adherence, and collaboration with numerous service agencies for timely completion during Project execution ensures the smooth project completion.

Taking the exclusive dealership of Voltas mid-range products, Pavani Engineers started off by providing ductable project execution.
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Delivering industrial air conditioning installation services requires a methodical and skilled approach to ensure the efficient implementation of cooling systems customized for expansive industrial facilities. We make it easy with our expert and experienced team.

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