Design Engineer – HVAC:

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  • Job Summary: The AutoCAD Engineer – HVAC is responsible for creating detailed and accurate technical drawings and plans for HVAC systems using AutoCAD software. This role plays a critical part in the design and implementation of HVAC projects, ensuring that the systems meet engineering specifications and regulatory requirements.
  • Key Responsibilities include:
  1. CAD Drafting: Create detailed 2D and 3D drawings and plans of HVAC systems, including equipment layout, ductwork, piping, and electrical schematics.
  2. Collaboration: Work closely with HVAC engineers, designers, and project managers to understand project requirements and provide accurate and timely drawings.
  3. Compliance: Ensure that all drawings and plans adhere to industry standards, local building codes, and relevant regulations related to HVAC systems.
  4. Material and Equipment Selection: Assist in selecting appropriate HVAC equipment, materials, and components based on project specifications and budget constraints.
  5. Modification and Updates: Maintain and update existing HVAC drawings as required to reflect changes in the design or system configuration.
  6. Quality Control: Review and quality-check drawings to identify and resolve errors, inconsistencies, or discrepancies.
  7. Documentation: Create and maintain comprehensive documentation of HVAC drawings, ensuring organization and accessibility for project teams.
  8. Software Proficiency: Stay current with AutoCAD and related software, and continually improve proficiency in design and drafting tools.
  9. Technical Support: Provide technical support and guidance to project teams and field personnel during the construction and installation phases.
  10. Problem Solving: Assist in troubleshooting design issues and proposing effective solutions to technical challenges.
  • Qualifications:
    • A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.
    • Proficiency in AutoCAD software for creating 2D and 3D drawings.
    • Knowledge of HVAC design principles, including ductwork, piping, and equipment layout.
    • Effective communication and teamwork abilities.
    • Critical thinking skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced.
    • Previous experience in HVAC design and drafting is a plus.

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