#Thumb rules of Air Conditioning Design:

Air conditioning was a luxury a decade ago. Now it is a necessity for everyone. Residences, commercial spaces, hospitals, theatres, industries, automobiles, and every place is now air-conditioned.

Airconditioning involves maintaining appropriate #Temperature, # humidity, #proper airflow, and #air quality within the conditioned space. In addition to these properties, the system should be energy efficient, economical, easily serviceable and should look aesthetically pleasing.

The design of #Airconditioning system requires considering all the indoor parameters for a given outdoor environment. Outdoor conditions vary from location to location and from time to time. For each application, the inside design parameters are different, for example, the indoor requirements for a movie theatre are different from an office area or a commercial outlet.

There are a few thumb rules used by non-technical people to decide the air-conditioning system for a given application. These may work for small areas where the criticality of air conditioning is low. But extending the thumb rules for more intensive and critical areas is not wise. This would result in incorrect equipment selection, that may not meet the desired inside conditions and consume more electrical energy.

It is always advisable to get the design carried out by the experts in this field to avoid inconvenience at a later stage.

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