In any HVAC project, customers are normally demanding and wish to get the work done as per the contract in the shortest possible time. There are #Project Management Consultants (PMC) who also play a significant role in getting the work done. 

However, as the #size of the project is high, coordination with many different agencies becomes critical and if any of the team delays any part of their work package, the entire project gets affected like a bullwhip.  

Dealing with demanding customers becomes stressful and at times demotivating too for the project teams. Here are some suggestions to deal with such customers. 

  1. Listen to understand, not to reply: It is observed that, most of the time the project team members listen to reply and defend, rather than understand completely what the customer is communicating. The project team should practice #active listening with an open mind. When the customer is upset or in a different mood, first listen patiently without judging. Do not rush to reply to any mail or any conversation immediately. No need to defend your position, no need to rush to complain or blame. Just listen. Then rephrase what you understood. Prepare a minutes of meeting. (MOM) 
  1. Keep Calm and composed:   Sometimes, even when there is no mistake from your side, the customer may be expressing dissatisfaction, and the tone may not be to your liking. But still, keep calm and do not say anything that would jeopardize relationships. 
  1. Follow up with action:      Whatever commitments are made; they should be completed. It is especially important to communicate back to the customers about completing the tasks as per MOM. This would restore the trust which was eroded earlier. 
  1. Do a root cause analysis:   Senior management must review the situation about why the customer was upset in the first place. A thorough root cause analysis should be done to understand the reasons for the dissatisfaction. Make a preventive action plan and implement it. 
  1. Appreciate your customer: Thank your customer for sharing the feedback for improving the situation. Remember,  we may disagree with someone, but should never disrespect anyone. 
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