Plumbing & HVAC Contractors

As an industry, you expect to be able to reach your service providers 24 hours a day, every single day. While everyone says they are “around the clock,” Pavani Engineers Plumbing Professionals truly is. When you are one of our clients, you have access to talk directly to a plumbing professors expert. who can solve your problems, requests, and questions are answered quickly.

The MEP team can supply complete hydraulics, plumbing, heating and drainage solutions for a range of businesses and construction types. Within the Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors. Because we understand that no two projects will ever be identical. Our plumbing team works closely with our design team. To ensure that all the requirements for your particular project will be met.

MEP has sourced a team of skilled professionals that are trained in all facets of the plumbing and heating services industry. so that they have experience in both new construction & remodeling projects which we can now offer throughout India.

  • Water storage, filtration, softening and disinfection.
  • Installation of Ultra Filtration Systems and Sewage treatment plants.
  • Water distribution system potable and non-potable including domestic, flushing and irrigation using VFD driven hydro pneumatic systems.
  • Distribution, Hot water generation, and circulation systems.
  • Sustainable heat generation from solar panels.
  • Steam generation and distribution of both IBR and non-IBR systems.
  • Steam condensate for waste heat recovery and other applications.
  • Dropless grey water conveyance system to sewage treatment plants through gravity and sewage pumping.
  • Rain and stormwater collection, storage (rainwater harvesting) recycling and disposal systems.
  • Complete solutions for swimming pool water treatment and disinfection systems including ozonation, ultra violet, and chlorination.
  • Automatic sprinkler system and landscape irrigation.
  • Installations of private and public bathrooms

Our Plumbing and HVAC Contractors! 

They will provide you a full complement of industrial plumbing, sewer and drain services in PAN India including:

  • Water heater repairs and installations.
  • Toilet repairs and installations.
  • Backflow testing.
  • Water treatment systems, including water filters and water softeners
  • Sewer line cameras, you can see where the trouble is and also locate the area to be repaired or replaced.
  • High-pressure water jetting, cleaning services and clear.
  • Your sewers of tree roots, sludge, fat, oil, grease, FOG, heating, and air conditioning, etc.
  • Sewer line repair and replacement


  • Any Type of Water System Copper Pipe, CPVC, PPR and Stain Steel Pipe.
  • All Types of Drainage Line, including Cast Iron, UPVC, Hume Pipe with Chamber Construction.
  • Hydro Pneumatic System.
  • Filtration and Ozonation.
  • Online Heating System/Solar.
  • Also, handle High Profile Sanitary wares and CP fittings.